One Pan Pasta with Sausage

Those of you who have followed our blog for any length of time know that I am a huge fan of one pot meals. After all, who wants to spend the whole night washing pans in the kitchen? Certainly not me.

Printable Recipe Card: One Pan Pasta with Sausage

This one is also a great way for me to get my son to eat collard greens. I have to sneak vegetables in with him any way I can. I am convinced that one day he will magically love eating vegetables, but until that actually happens I will just keep living in fantasy land. Maybe after he takes nutrition at school this next semester he will get more on board with eating veggies. He actually asked me to freeze some the other day for him so that he can make a quick after school snack, and I nearly fell over and fainted right there on the spot. When it comes to getting our kids to eat their veggies, my motto is persist, persist, sneak them in and then persist some more. Other than that… I’ve got nothing.

If you give this recipe a try, I would love to hear your thoughts! Comment below and let us know what other types of recipes you would like to read about on the blog.

Life is better with good food, good wine and great design,

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