Art in Interior Design: Gwen Dennis

I met Gwen shortly after I started my business, around 2004 or 2005. I just love her diversity. She is able to come up with something as lovely and feminine as this floral piece, and then also produce funky contemporary cat paintings that pack personality (stop by our office if you want to see what I’m talking about). She is also versatile with the mediums she uses.


Gwen DennisA brief biography: Gwen Dennis has a Bachelor of Science in Art Education and a Master of Arts majoring in Watercolor and Sculpture from Texas Woman’s University. Her continuing studies have been under: Carol Barnes, Judy Betts, Gerald Brommer, Naomi Brotherton, Dan Burt, Frank Eberle, Tom Lynch, Barbara Neches, Nicholas Simmons and Zoltan Zabo. She has been a college instructor in drawing, art history and art appreciation and taught community education classes in watercolor and ceramics.

Why I love this piece: I love flowers and roses are a favorite to paint. The rose petals were so delicate and in bright daylight, they looked as though they were made of porcelain. I had to do my best to preserve that look. I think I was successful. Others have thought that I was since the painting was accepted in an Artists of Northwest Arkansas regional show, an Oklahoma Art Guild national show, and was selected for publication by the 75 Best National Artists book.

gwen dennis artWhat inspired me to create this piece: No one thing inspires me. I see beauty in nature that impresses me and I feel the desire to capture the essence of the item but not necessarily the exact form or color. In these roses, I saw delicacy, strength, beauty and contrast. Placement of the blooms and background give me a feeling of beauty and peace. In this painting, it is the color of the roses that brings me peace, the background gives the contrast and by spilling over the edge of the paper, I see the strength. Since nature can be unpredictable and any storm can destroy what we consider beauty, I strive to capture something as beautiful as these roses before a storm or age takes them.

How can people reach me: My website is and I can be reached at (512) 656-3083. I sell originals and 14”x11” inkjet prints on watercolor paper. I accept commissions based on subject matter and inspiration.

Global-Views-Tear-Drop-Glass-BottleThese vases have the same flowing, asymmetrical feel as Gwen’s artwork and the same slightly contemporary, yet classic feel. The delicate color tones in these vases also have the same watery effect as her watercolors.

This pairing would make a peaceful, feminine office for an immediate low stress vibe.

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