Art in Interior Design: Warren Cullar

Warren is a part of Business Over Breakfast, a networking organization here in Austin of which I am a proud member. I met him at one of our meetings and immediately loved the edgy and vibrant nature of his artwork. Using any of his art as inspiration will always result in a room that is dramatic, and no way could the space his art occupies be boring.


warrenstudiofloor_smallerA brief biography: Warren and his wife Kitty live and work from their spacious home and studios in the heart of Austin, Texas. Warren is a profession artist for more years that he can count. After college he worked as a commercial artist then as an advertising manager, went back to earn his MFA from the Institio de Allende in San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico and began an eight year teaching experience at the University level. His water colors began selling after meeting his mentor Bug Biggs. Bud encouraged Warren to paint full time. Warren resigned his teaching position despite the forebodings of family and friends and the echo of “You can’t make a living as an artist” ran on deaf ears. Now 40 years later he is still creating art and enjoying his chosen career more than most.


base-romance-paintingWhat is the title of this piece: ‘Base Romance’

Inspiration behind this piece: ‘Base Romance’ was drawn 1/10/2001 with an ink pen. I don’t remember the exact experience that triggered the idea. My best guess? The drawing was created on a cruise ship in a jazz bar, watching a couple sharing a glass of wine before dinner. A string quartet was playing quiet jazz. I was listening, observing the patrons and enjoying my glass of Merlot. I was also drawing, always drawing.

A year after I drew the ‘Base Romance’ sketch, I transferred the drawing to fit a copper plate and produced a soft ground etching in black printing ink, finished in watercolor. A couple of years later, I used the same idea painting a 60” x 40’’ canvas in acrylic. I liked the painting and decided to hold off putting it up for sale. In my sculpture studio in 2005, I created a clay relief of the same motif, made a mold and the piece was cast in bronze and aluminum. A year ago the Pecan Street Association asked me to use one of my paintings for their spring poster. ‘Base Romance’ was chosen, so the journey of the sketch of ‘Base Romance’ goes on.

Koket-Chandra-ChairI love this piece of art for a dining room. Warren’s work definitely reminds me of the late, great Pablo Picasso. This dining chair pairs perfectly with the contemporary feel and soft shapes in this piece of art (and has a very unique back that I just love). If you are daring, love color and glamour, then Warren’s work would be great inspiration for a whole house palette.

Warren’s work has style that is a throw back to the 1980’s and yet is also very current as we are seeing the 1980’s brought back to the runway through fashion, as well as the bold colors and gold metals bursting back on the scene in interior design.

To learn more about Warren Cullar, including how to purchase a piece of his original art or hire him for a commission piece, please visit He can also be contacted directly via phone at 512.589.6717 or by email at

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