Kitchen Gadget of the Month: Williams Sonoma Smart Thermometer 2

This month’s kitchen gadget is a must for those upcoming big holiday meals. This smart thermometer from Williams Sonoma connects to your Apple or Android device over WiFi and keeps you up to date on cook times and the temperature of your food. You can even separate timers for different dishes and set alerts for things like basting a turkey.

wine-corksIt allows the user to select various doneness, so whether you like your steak medium-rare or well-done, it will be cooked perfectly. I think that this gadget would be wonderful to use around the holidays so that you are not glued to the kitchen all day. The alerts on your mobile device give you the freedom to mix and mingle with your guests without the fear of forgetting about what’s in the oven.

The Williams Sonoma Smart thermometer 2 is available for purchase here.


Life is better with good food, good wine and great design,

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