Art in Interior Design: Sabrina Laumer

I don’t know Sabrina on a personal level as well as some of the other artists in this series. She made a cold call to our office about a year or so back, and that kind of courage and outgoing nature of putting herself out there is not only a very admirable quality, it’s also very apparent in her artwork.


Sabrina Laumer headshot (2)A brief biography: Sabrina Laumer was born in Rangoon, Burma where her father was a diplomat in the American Embassy. Her earliest memories are set against a backdrop of jungle foliage and exotic customs. It was not uncommon to see an occasional tiger prowling the back yard. The Laumer Family left the country three weeks before a violent revolution erupted. In her childhood, Sabrina also lived in London, San Antonio, and the backwoods of Florida.

She earned her degree in Studio Art from the University of the Incarnate Word, and pursued post-graduate studies at UT and Trinity University in San Antonio. Sabrina has painted many large-scale wall designs for homes and business. She created an experimental series of “designer doghouses,” one of which is in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Her artwork has sold and been displayed internationally.

Life+ForceInspiration behind her work: Sabrina Laumer’s painting is inspired by her spiritual aspirations of service to humanity. She strives to offer a breath of beauty and peace to the everyday. Sabrina has dedicated her life to bringing in to being images that will uplift and inspire the human soul.

What is the title of this piece: ‘Tree of Being’ size 20″ x 24″, acrylic on canvas

I don’t know why but I have always been a fan of a lot of erratic movement in artwork as depicted here in Sabrina’s piece. Maybe it’s because, to me, it comes across as electric, 89049.d2energetic and a little wild (which I guess is maybe because I have always been a rebel at heart who loves to challenge the status quo). This image seems to be growing and ever changing which is where the magic always happens. Using the color purple alone is often seen as a bold move.

I chose a light to pair with this beautiful and powerful painting by Sabrina Laumer due to this movement and energy as is also depicted in her tree.

To learn more about Sabrina Laumer, and to purchase your own original piece or print of her work, please visit She can also be contacted directly via phone at 512.590.0895 or by email at

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