Art in Interior Design: Leigh Watson

Dare I say that I have been working with Leigh for over 12 years now. Man, I am getting old, and man, time sure does fly. She is my go-to girl for murals and any type of specialty faux finish, and she has also done canvas art for me for various clients.


leigh watsonA brief biography: Leigh Watson Acord was born and raised in Dallas, TX. She graduated from Highland Park High School where she was just your average sci-fi loving cheerleader and self proclaimed “art geek”. After graduating, Leigh headed south to the University of Texas in Austin where she studied a broad range of subjects including her favorites: philosophy and graphic design. After graduating with a major in Creative Advertising and a minor in Business, Leigh worked in marketing for several years, but always had art on her mind. So, in 2004, Leigh chose to ditch the corporate life for the life of a starving artist. Being her own boss allowed Leigh the opportunity to explore art without restraint. In pursuit of turning her passion into a lucrative career, Leigh furthered her art education with classes in woodgraining, marbling and faux glazing. Then, in 2008, she spent 5 weeks in Italy studying Old-world style painting with other artists around the nation. Her time in Italy not only honed her skills as an artist, but inspired and reinvigorated her love of travel, freedom, and entrepreneurship. She hopes to instill those same passions in her darling daughter, Lilah. When not working, Leigh can be found taking advantage of all of Austin’s great outdoor activities like running around Town Lake (because it will ALWAYS be Town Lake to her!), having a craft beer on a patio with her husband, Steve, and spending as much time as possible with baby Lilah.

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About this project: The entire ceiling and beams were covered in a customized skip trowel from the previous owner and we needed to make it all disappear!  We created an actual croc texture within the chandelier niche to draw interest and warmed up the beams with a simple faux woodgrain to help them look more natural.

This is another perspective of how we use art in interior design. This decorative ceiling treatment adds immediate drama to the space. Those of you who know me also know that I love reptile textures and animal prints.

DANZ-1The crocodile textured ceiling and light fixture immediately give the room an African or tribal vibe (along with that awesome chandelier), and so I would have curtains made out of this wonderful African motif fabric.

To learn more about Leigh Watson, and to start your own custom mural or refinishing project with her, please visit Her office can also be contacted via phone at 512.736.3331 or by email at

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