Dine With Design: Mexican

Tex-Mex cuisine is a staple here in Texas, and is also a favorite among a lot of people. You can’t go wrong inviting a group of friends over for a taco bar, enchiladas, or or my famous Bond Family Chili with Beans. I love one-pot meals like this because they are easy to make, and the leftovers just keep getting better. In our family we usually always have Mexican food prior to Christmas. Hopefully, this table idea will come in handy if your family decides to try this idea.

Those of you who know me will know that I absolutely love color, and love working with anyone who has the courage to go down that road with me. A Mexican tablescape is a chance to pull out all of the stops and not hold back. The more color, the better and the end result is a fun and gorgeous table.

mexican tablescape


  1. This white table cloth is the perfect way to show off the colors in this tablescape. The subtle lace patterns give it just a little bit more interest than your standard table cloth.
  2. Rather than using a regular table runner, for this setting I wanted to go for something bolder, and layering a couple of these Mexican serapes definitely does the trick.
  3. By adding a neutral texture in this place mat, everything is further grounded to the table. It also breaks up the pattern of the serapes with the colorful dishware.
  4. Using bold solids dishware colors like these mixed Fiestaware pieces allows the eye to rest amidst all of the pattern that tends to go into Mexican design.
  5. Salad plates are an excellent piece with which to go a little bolder with color and pattern than you normally would with a standard dinner plate. These hand-painted Mexican plates are made in Puebla, Mexico and many (like this one) are one-of-a-kind. This creates a great opportunity to pick several different patterns within the same color palette.
  6. These bold napkins help to pull in another color from the serapes that isn’t found in any of the dishware.
  7. Going with solid and yet bold colored margarita glasses pops and pulls colors out of the patterned pieces. It also helps everyone keep track of which glass is theirs!
  8. Nothing says “fiesta” more than having a pinata as the centerpiece at your table. They can either be stored and used over and over, or if you have kids included in this dinner party, why not go ahead and fill it up! It will be fun to watch them break it open… after dinner of course.
  9. I saw this creative candlelight arrangement in this article for a rustic wedding reception. It also works perfectly with this tablescape and seems like it would be fairly easy to put together (especially during hatch chili season!). As an added bonus, this single piece incorporates both the fire and natural elements I love for table decorating.
  10. Run clusters of these paper flowers down the table in between the candle lighting to add additional depth and texture.

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