New Year’s in Austin

If you are looking to experience something a little more laid back and low-key this New Year’s Eve, why not consider visiting one of these lovely Hill Country towns. If you are like me, then your days of a rowdy, loud party with fireworks are a thing of the past. I tend to like to play it a little safe so that I am not out on the road at night, and I prefer to ring in the new year with special friends or family. My fascination with the Hill Country started last year when we rented a house outside of Fredericksburg with our good friends the Gaynor’s just playing cards, shopping, and spending time in the hot tub and around the bonfire. We had an amazing time and got some good rest and relaxation all at the same time. Later last year I joined my design mastermind group at the Sugarberry Inn there and confirmed that I absolutely love the town of Fredericksburg.


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