The Wine|Dine|Design blog was inspired by Robin Bond’s love of food, wine and everything beautiful about that special place we call home.

All of our recipes are either made by Robin on a regular basis or they were passed on to her by grandmothers, aunts, mothers, staff, friends and family. These are Texas recipes with working moms in mind, and have been tried and tested by one or more members of the Robin Bond Interiors team. Many are one dish meals that allow for easy clean up, or meals that make enough for a family (often times with more for leftovers the next day). It is our belief that families that gather around a dinner table and talk build deeper relationships than those who do not, and the recipe portion of our blog is the cornerstone of that philosophy.

Our wine recommendations are typically moderately priced, and are meant for hanging out with girlfriends and other casual get-togethers. We may occasionally post a higher price point wine that is great for a special occasion, but on average the wines we recommend are going to be under $25 a bottle. After all, it’s just a beverage. Dare I say that!

The passion we have for design goes without saying. Robin Bond and her talented team live and breathe everything design. Robin will say it has been her passion since she was around 10 years old. She regularly reads no less than 5 publications a month and has design books scattered everywhere both at home and in the office. It is not about what we do but about how we live.

Follow us today to live better with good food, good wine and great design!