Top Trends of 2018: Interiors


Just a few of the interior trends coming on the scene in 2018 are large scale floral patterns, fringe and tribal motifs. Some of the continuing trends from the past several years include metallics, with gold (yes, gold… bet you never thought you’d see this one back again) as the most popular metal finish this year. We are still seeing a lot of reclaimed wood and macrame textures this year as well. Continue reading

Top Trends of 2018: Colors

Nothing dates a home more than color trends, but whether you realize it or not, you will likely be drawn to the latest trends. It is also next to impossible to find fabrics for colors that are not trending. What I have found is that if I use just one color that is trending and mix it with something more timeless, that space is going to have a longer life. People are always asking me when they are selecting a color palette, “Is this going to end up looking dated?” I always answer truthfully and the answer is most often “yes”. Continue reading

New Year’s in Austin

If you are looking to experience something a little more laid back and low-key this New Year’s Eve, why not consider visiting one of these lovely Hill Country towns. If you are like me, then your days of a rowdy, loud party with fireworks are a thing of the past. I tend to like to play it a little safe so that I am not out on the road at night, and I prefer to ring in the new year with special friends or family. Continue reading

Festive Bacon-Cheese Dip

Everything is better with bacon, and this festive dip is no exception! Serve it at any between Christmas and the new year (or any time of year, really; how can you go wrong with bacon?).

Printable Recipe Card: Festive Bacon-Cheese Dip

If you give this recipe a try, I would love to hear your thoughts! Comment below and let us know what other types of recipes you would like to read about on the blog.

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Christmas in Austin: Food to Eat

Staying In

Tamales for Christmas in Austin go together like bread and butter. If you are new to Austin and have not participated in this age old tradition, and if you’re not adventurous enough to have your own tamale making party, then try ordering ahead of time
from one of these great options for your party or to start a great Christmas Eve tradition: Continue reading

Fall Creek Vineyards Meritus 2013

Our last pick from Fall Creek Vineyards is their award winning Meritus Merlot/Cab blend. Personally I tend to like blended wines, and this wine will be a perfect pairing for those holiday prime rib roasts. This will also make a great hostess gift for any parties or dinners to which you are invited.

Tasting notes from the vineyard’s website:

Fall Creek Vineyards Meritus 2013“For the first time, Merlot steps into a place of prominence as 53% of the blend. This lends the wine a graceful and defined flavor profile reminiscent of dried rose petals, aged cedar, red plum and currant with a hint of Assam black tea. With such structure and capacity for ageing, the 2013 Meritus spent 20 months ageing in barrel and an additional year ageing in bottle before release. The outcome…a wine of finesse and charm.

This wine is perfect for a robust beef dish, such as ribeye steak, or with substantial, creamy cheeses, such as Brie or Gorgonzola.”

If you would like to purchase a bottle as a gift (for a loved one or for yourself), you may do so directly from their website here. If you need a gift-that-keeps-on-giving for the wine lover in your life, they also offer wine club memberships!

You can even visit the vineyard in person as it’s just a short drive outside of Austin in Driftwood. While you’re there you can also check out the original Salt Lick BBQ right across the street for some delicious brisket and a great atmosphere.

Life is better with good food, good wine and great design,

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Christmas in Austin: Music to Play

Okay, so we don’t get your typical traditional White Christmas here, and at my house we often times eat Thanksgiving and even Christmas dinner on our back patio. Even so, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere for Christmas other than Austin, Texas. Whether you are celebrating Christmas or not, Christmas through New Years Eve here in Austin the people are friendly, the tamales are plentiful and margaritas replace the eggnog. Continue reading