Gluten Free Lemon Crumble Bars

Summer is technically winding down, but here in Texas the heat is still on. These great lemon bars seem to work well as a summer treat, and yet the oat topping adds a little more heartiness to this cookie bar. The best part is that we were able to experiment and successfully make these gluten free! They were fantastic, or so my family tells me since I am not a big sweet person.

Printable Recipe Card: Gluten Free Lemon Crumble Bars

51Z83dLKJPLIt’s always a good idea to eliminate gluten from your diet whenever possible, even if you’re still not sold on the idea yet that we should stay away from it, you can certainly at least try to reduce the amount of gluten in your diet. To learn more about why, I highly suggest reading the book Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD.




If you give this recipe a try, I would love to hear your thoughts! Comment below and let us know what other types of recipes you would like to read about on the blog.

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Art in Interior Design: Johnny Stevens

Johnny Stevens was referred to me years ago by Austin Woman Magazine. At the time, he was doing a lot of architectural and interior photography. Over the years he has done everything from room photos to staff photos for our firm. Johnny is a very talented and versatile photographer. It is unusual that a photographer can be great at photographing people as well as interior and exterior architecture. Continue reading

Hurricane Harvey: We Are Here To Help

Our firm understands that the recovery process for many areas in Houston that were hit by Hurricane Harvey might feel like an overwhelming task, as hundreds of decisions will need to be made in order to replace what was tragically lost (everything from selecting new flooring to new window coverings and furniture).

Our firm would like to make this special offer to any of you who feel you would benefit from working with an interior designer to get all of the pieces put back together and help you get back to normal:

  • 50% off of our firm’s design service rate to help with building material selections.
  • 50% off of our firm’s digital design and design support rates.
  • Complimentary design consultation for interior furnishing specification on any furniture, drapery, home accessories or other interior products purchased through our firm.

All products purchased through our firm are held in a complete inventory list, with photos associated with each item, for easy submission to insurance companies to ensure that you have the right amount of coverage. While we hope that something like this never happens again, it is always a good idea to be prepared and this list could prove invaluable should you ever need to seek reimbursement in the future.

Please give us a call at (512) 358-7200, or email at to set up your complimentary consultation. We would love the opportunity to help take some of the weight off of this task for you so that you can focus on what really matters; your family, friends, loved ones, pets, and getting a sense of normalcy back into your life as quickly as possible.

Wishing you love, light, and blessings always,

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Feather Your Nest: Mrs. Gould’s Sunbird

In need of a name for a new sunbird in 1831, Irish zoologist Nicholas Aylward Vigors turned to Elizabeth Gould. Mrs. Gould was the better half of the better known John Gould, famous today as the father of Australian ornithology. John Gould was a self-taught English ornithologist, who published a number of major contributions, and played a key role in setting Charles Darwin onto his path towards writing On the Origin of Species. It was Gould who first noted the ground finches likely represented a new, previously unknown group. Few ornithologists have had a more significant impact than John Gould, but he had a lot of help along the way, particularly from his wife Elizabeth.

Sunbirds, of course, are well known as among the most beautiful birds in all the world, and as a group they seem to be doing pretty good. Only a handful of the near 140 species are really at risk, and despite being stunners they are not actively sought as cage birds. Insectivores with brush-like tongues for slurping nectar, they fulfill a similar niche to the hummingbirds of the New World. Ranging from northern Australia and across Africa, many sunbirds are found in Asia too…

via Rockjumper: Mrs. Gould’s Sunbird

When I mention the thought of combining purple, red and yellow, most people tend to look at me like I have two heads, but at the same time you can see how easily nature beautifully combined this palette and how lovely it is, with the chocolate brown grounding the design and mellowing it out some. Continue reading

Feather Your Nest: Keel-Billed Toucan

Best known for its oversized bill, the keel-billed toucan is a large and colorful bird with black plumage, a bright yellow throat and cheeks, vibrant red feathers under its tail and a yellow-green face. Its light green, banana-shaped bill is splashed with orange and tipped with red and blue, and can grow to be a third of the size of the toucan’s 20-inch body. Though cumbersome looking, the bill is actually quite light because it is made of protein and supported by hollow bones. The toucan’s very broad wings, however, are heavy and make flight laborious.

via Rainforest Alliance: Keel-Billed Toucan

The keel-billed toucan is the national bird of Belize. It doesn’t get any more beautiful and tropical than that. It makes me immediately think of blue waters, sandy beaches and a lush tropical feel. Continue reading

Feather Your Nest: Scarlet Minivet

The scarlet minivet (Pericrocotus speciosus) is a small passerine bird. …They are common resident breeding birds in forests and other well-wooded habitats including gardens, especially in hilly country. …This minivet catches insects in trees by flycatching or while perched. It flushes insects out of foliage by beating its wings hard. Scarlet minivet will form small flocks. Its song is a pleasant whistling. This bird nests high up in the treetops. The nest is a cup-like structure woven with small twigs and spiders’ webs to increase the strength of the nest. Two or three spotted pale green eggs are laid. Incubation is mainly by the female, but both birds help to raise the offspring.

via Wikipedia: Scarlet minivet

I have always loved the red and black combination. My bedroom in my 20s was black lacquer furniture with a red velvet bedspread and the rest of the room worked around that. Need I say more. Continue reading